Google Apps for Employees

The Difference Between Regular Google Apps The Ones For Work

The main difference is that you have to pay for Google Apps for Work, which can end up being a big turn off for most people. But with some simple sleuthing around the internet, there will be a Google Apps Promotion code and other discounts that you can find that will help lower the price if need be.


But besides paying, you’ll receive other bonuses and business-esque services that you wouldnt get in the free product thats offered to the regular consumer. Domain-based emails, more storage through Gmail and Google Drive, phone and email support thats offered from Google 24/7,interoperability, more security features, full administration and even a 99.9 percent guaranteed up time.

Google is a company that strives to help the working man and everyone in between, making their products easy, accessible and managed perfectly so you really dont have to turn anywhere else. Everything is neatly put together in one place and is ready to help you take your business and your employees outlook to the next level.

More information on Google Apps Google Apps for Work can be found here.