Google Apps

How Google Apps Help Employees

Google is one of the most popular sites across the board, and its impossible to ignore them, or at least go a day without using the search engine for yourself. Some even claim that theyd be completely lost without the site, saying they turn to it so often for help and answers that they couldnt get elsewhere.

So, are people such avid fans and users of Google simply because it helps them find answers, or is there more to it

Over the years, Google has expanded not only as a company and with power, but also because theyre constantly adding and updating their site to make it as helpful as possible to their users. Google Applications are a prime example of this. The applications that were created by Google are not only good for home use, but theyre even benefiting students, and people in the work place.
What Makes The Google Applications So Great


Google uses the cloud and is a darn good pioneer at it. While the cloud has been getting a scary rep lately due to the all the drama and scandals that have broken out from it, its not all bad. And if used properly, it can be a huge advantage and tool to you. Google is a trusted name within the cloud, and has a reliable version of it for its users and their needs.


These Google Applications were built to work with the cloud, which means that its a cloud-based service for everyone. If you use it, then you wont have to spend even more money to get someone from IT maintaining a lot of whats run on your desktops.


Its perfect for storing and sharing. A lot of information that is needed in the office can spend a lot of time traveling, being sent or maybe even not being received. When using Googles storage components, everything is safely tucked away in one place and ready to be viewed, shared and received. Video chats, documents, emails and more can all be accessed from one easy space.


Google even offers offline support for all their services, meaning you dont have to be connected to Wi-Fi or the internet to be working on what you need to. If youre offline, your work will automatically be synced once you reconnect meaning you lose nothing and can constantly be caught up on what you need to do.